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Annual Awards Presented April 2015

Deep South Region

2nd place Litter Control


Garden Club of Georgia

1st place Litter and Pollution Control

1st place Website

Overall winner Website

1st place Publications, Newsletter

Honorable Mention Yearbook

One Hundred Miles

April Petal Pusher

2014 - 2015 Meeting Programs


The Landings Garden Club was founded on October 22, 1986 and Federated on February 24, 1987

Membership to The Landings Garden Club, also includes membership to the
 National Garden Clubs, Inc., the Deep South Region, The Garden Club of Georgia, Oleander District III, Savannah Area Council of Garden Clubs, and The Friends of the State Botanical Garden of Georgia.

The Landings Garden Club Mission Statement

Section 1 - To function as an educational organization interested in all phases of gardening and related subjects.

Section 2 - To aid in the protection of forests, marshes, native plants, wild flowers and birds.

Section 3 - To maintain membership in and coordinate club interests with those of the Garden Club of Georgia, Inc., The National Council of Garden Clubs, Inc., and the Savannah Area Council of Garden Clubs, Inc.


Please click on the Amazon link above to help support local environmental projects.  The Landings Garden Club will receive a referral fee for any purchase made by going to Amazon through this link.  It doesn't matter if you buy a book or a TV.  Your purchase will aid in the protection of our island's natural beauty.


Left to right - Karen, Margaret, Leslee, Kay and Susan 

2014 - 2015 Officers

President - Leslee Bowler

Vice President - Margaret Hunter

Treasurer - Kay Osborn

Recording Secretary - Karen Angers

Corresponding Secretary - Susan Otter

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