Lovely ladies in vintage hats and gloves.


 Elegant Centerpiece by Elizabeth McGough

25th Anniversary Committee Members Liz Mcgough, Meg Bremer, Anne Daurey (Chair), Nancy Rosenthal, Judy Sweeterman (President) and Marie Scheuermann

Our special guest, Sharon Flores, Oleander District President

 We bid a fond farewell to Nancy Crawford.  Her years of dedication and service have enhanced all our lives.

A standing ovation for Nancy 

Anne Dauray thanks her committee for all their hard work on the fabulous 25th Anniversary Tea Celebration 

Nancy encourages us to come out for the next Causeway Clean-up on Monday, November 7th, at 8 AM.  We will meet in Smith's parking lot. 

 Sandra introduces our speaker

 Gloria Horstman enlightens us on the growing, harvesting, history & tradition of Afternoon Tea.  Gloria was an original partner in the Savannah Tea Room
(It's worth going to the Savannah Tea Room link just to hear "Skylark")