A Serenity Garden at the Anderson Cancer Institute, Memorial Health University

The “Serenity Garden” is located to the left of the entrance to the Institute. It is visible inside from the waiting room as well as the infusion rooms on the first and second floors. There is access from the outside as well. We encourage you to stop and take a look if you are in that area. A member of the Garden Club, Vicky Kramer was approached by the Operations Director at the ACI.  As an active volunteer, Vicky and her husband are familiar faces on the floor of the infusion area. The garden although quite lovely, had fallen on neglect and became overgrown, desperate for some tender loving care. When news of Vicky belonging to a garden club at the Landings became well known, a plea to her for help from the hospital staff was immediate. She enlisted the help of other members of the garden club and the notion of caring for “Serenity” as a club project was initiated.

The framework of the garden is excellent, with benches, a moon bridge, waterfall, lush vegetation, and live fish that are at home in a small stream. The Landings Garden Club board had Vicky and Pat Barry make a presentation to describe in depth possibilities for the garden and the club to become partners. A small group from the garden club made a visit to groom and clean the area. We filled almost 15 refuse bags with debris for disposal. The improvement was remarkable and deeply appreciated by staff and patients alike.

Submitted by Pat Barry