Regular monthly meetings will be held the fourth Monday of each month from September through April, at the Messiah Lutheran Church, 1 West Ridge Road.

9:00 AM -  Board Meeting
9:30 AM -  Coffee and Refreshments

10:00 AM - General Membership Meeting
10:45 AM - Program

(Please see the individual Programs below for some exceptions to the time and dates.)


September 25, 2017 

Location:         Plantation Clubhouse  

Time:                8:30 AM           Board Meeting

9:00 AM           Coffee and Socializing

Program:          9:30 AM   “Crinum Lilies, Queen of the

                         Southern Garden”                   

                         11:15 AM          Brunch

                         12 Noon            Workshop

 Speaker:          Jenks Farmer

                         Nationally known plantsman and author

Details:            A frequent speaker with a reputation for entertaining his audiences, Jenks is a leading authority on crinum lilies. He travels the globe studying and propagating these members of the amaryllis family, including the beautiful southern swamp lilies, native to the Low Country. Jenks grows dozens of crinum lily varieties, including some with bulbs that weigh over 20 pounds, on his South Carolina lily farm. He is also a garden designer and his work for homes, museums, public gardens and businesses have delighted thousands of visitors over the past 20 years. Cost: $35

Design by:       Nancy Strobel                        




October 6, 2017
 Special Event

Event:             10:00 AM Tour of Oelschig Nursery

Location:         Messiah Lutheran Church

Time:                9:30 AM

Details:            Meet at church to car pool to nursery

October 19, 2017
Special Event

Event:              After Hours Social and Hands-On Workshop

Location:         “The Berm”

Time:                4:00 PM  

Details:            Join the Birds & Conservation Committee and                                 learn about butterflies’ life cycle, habitat and                                   conservation.

October 23, 2017

Location:         Messiah Lutheran Church

Time:                8:30 AM           Board Meeting

                         9:00 AM           Coffee and Socializing

                         9:30 AM           General Meeting

                       10:00 AM            Depart for garden tours

Program:        10:15 AM            Tour of Members’ gardens

Details:            Tour includes the gardens of Sandra Wolf,

                        Janis Encapera and Tina Zipperer

                        Brunch will be served and Holiday Bows will be         presented at the last garden.

Design by:  Cleve Zipperer

Hostesses:  Susan Danner, Ann Guira, Maddie Harwood,                                   Liz McGough, Janet Murphy, Ann Otjen, Martie                               Thomas, Belinda Winters         


November 2, 2017

Special Event

Event:             Trip to Sapelo Island

Location:         Messiah Lutheran Church

Time:               7:00 AM 

Cost:                $85.00

Details:            Board a luxury bus to Darien and take a ferry to                             Sapelo Island for a guided tour.  We will return with                         a stop in Darien for a short sip and stroll arriving                             back around 6 PM.  Limited to 42 passengers.   

November 9, 2017 

Special Event

Event:      Propagation Workshop

Location: Skidaway Farms

Time:        4:00 PM

Details:     It’s all about Begonias! There are indoor, outdoor, and beyond the ordinary.  Come, learn and take home a future beauty. Bring a four inch container.


December 4, 2017 


Location:         Messiah Lutheran Church

Time:                9:00 AM           Board Meeting

                        9:30 AM           Coffee and Socializing

                      10:00 AM           General Meeting

Program:       10:30 AM           Holiday Floral Workshop

Speaker:        Cathy Belford, Floral Designer

Details:          With a degree in Interior Design, Cathy has owned a special occasion and floral design business.

Design by:     Shelby Schavoir

Hostesses:    Jean Ahrens, Joan Christensen, Margy Hatch, Shelby Schavoir, Heydee Toedtman

December 7, 2017

Special Event

Event:              Club Crawl

Location:         Deer Creek Club

Time:               4:00 PM

Details:            You and a guest are invited to take a tour of our        holiday decorated clubs and stay afterwards for        drinks and/or dinner at the Plantation Club.


January 11, 2018

Special Event

Event:              New Member Tea and Champagne Social

Location:         The home of Tina Zipperer

Time:               4:00 PM

Details:              Open to all new members who joined in 2017 through                             this month.  Come and meet other new members.

January 22, 2018 


Location:         Messiah Lutheran Church

Time:                9:00 AM           Board Meeting

                         9:30 AM           Coffee and Socializing

                         10:00 AM         General Meeting

Program:          10:30 AM         History of Sea Level Rise

Speaker:          Dr. Clark Alexander, PhD

                        Skidaway Institute of Oceanography

Details:            Dr. Alexander will discuss our Georgia coast’s                                 past, present and future.  He is the interim                                       Executive Director of the Institute.

Design by:       Donna Slappey

Hostesses:      Karen Angers, Lynn Barnard, Farideh Heidary, Jean Holland, Dottie Kirkland


February 1, 2018

Special Event

Event:                   Horticulture Chat

Location:              The home of Jayne Rogers

                             3 Black Hawk Trail

Time:                     4:00 PM

Details:                For those who love to garden and talk all things                             horticulture, come and share in a lively                                           discussion.

            **Limited to 20 members**

February 26, 2018 


Location:         Messiah Lutheran Church

Time:                9:00 AM           Board Meeting

                         9:30 AM           Coffee and Socializing

                      10:00 AM           General Meeting

Program:       10:30 AM           Community Gardens

Speaker:        Dennis Hutton

Details:          Our speaker was raised on Tybee Island, graduated                       from Benedictine Academy and now lives in                                   Augusta. He believes gardening is a valuable asset                       for every community as well as a learning tool when                       children are involved.  Research has proven that                           garden-based learning helps with nutrition                                       awareness, environmental awareness, learning                             achievements, life skills, health and wellness.

Design by:       Anne Dauray

Hostesses:      Barbara Hamlet, Joan Hutzler, Meg Miller, Kay Osborn,                           Donna Slappey

MARCH 2017

March 26, 2018 


Location:         Messiah Lutheran Church

Time:                9:00 AM           Board Meeting

                         9:30 AM           Coffee and Socializing

             10:00 AM           General Meeting

Program:         10:30 AM           Oatland Island Raptor Birds

Speaker:          Wildlife Naturalist

Details:            What makes a bird of prey?  Discussion and presentation of three birds common to our area.   

Design by:       Liz McGough

Hostesses:     Judy Barquist, Karen Foulkes Judy Maugh, Meg                                      Schreck, Marcia Wills

APRIL 2017

April 23, 2018 


Location:         Messiah Lutheran Church

Time:                  9:00 AM         Board Meeting

                           9:30 AM         Coffee and Socializing

                         10:00 AM         General Meeting

                         11:00 AM         End of the year luncheon

Program:          10:30 AM         Skidaway CCA Chapter

Speaker:         Dave Devore, President CCA

Details:            Learn about all the wonderful programs the CCA                            provides for residents as well as Savannah area                            youths. 

Design by:       Pat Sunshine and Marie Scheuermann

Hostesses:      Janet Morley, Peggy Schilly, Ann Dauray

Calendar of Related Events


October 10                  Oleander District Annual Meeting, Jesup

October 27-28             Autumn Gardenfest, Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens

November 17-18         Coastal Georgia Camellia Society

                                    Show, Coastal GA Botanical Gardens

November 25 -            December Nights and Holiday Lights

December 24               Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens 



February 16                Arbor Day in Georgia

March 22-24                Telfair in Bloom

March 22-25                Savannah Tour of Homes and Gardens

April 10-12                  GCG State Convention, Macon

April 13-14                  NOGS Garden Tour

April 15-21                     Garden Week in Georgia