Community Container Gardeners

Thank you to our 2018-2019 Urn Angels!

Urn Angel photos courtesy of Dawn Cordo


The Landings Garden Club in cooperation and funding from the Landings Club, select, plant, and maintain 27 large urns located throughout the property. We change the arrangements seasonally twice per year. Teams of volunteers from our club, along with a team captain for each location keep this project alive and thriving. It takes over 30 members to groom and water these lovely decorated urns located at Marshwood, Deer Creek, the Franklin Creek Tennis Ctr., Oakridge Fitness Ctr., and the pool at Franklin Creek. Strong and lasting relationships have developed between team members and the many residents who are so very enthusiastic about the beauty and cheer the urns give to all.

The original idea came from our own member, Diane Gustafson. She and her husband, Ben, stroll through the Franklin Creek Tennis Complex on most evenings. Diane noticed these large, magnificent urns falling into neglect throughout the property. A meeting with Stephen Freund quickly allowed her vision for enlisting inclusion of the Landings Garden Club to become a reality. With approval from our president and board we became “Urn Angels” and have completed almost 2 full years of caring for these grand concrete planters.

Diane asked fellow member, Pat Barry to co-chair the project and select the flowers and plant material for the two change-outs per year. Pat works in tandem with Josh Heidt, the Superintendent of Landscaping for the Landings Club. He is instrumental in assistance between the nursery and delivery during the busy 2 or 3 days it takes to get everything planted. His attentive and friendly staff have always been generous with their time and willingness to help.

We encourage you to take notice as we approach our Fall installation. Think about volunteering and being thanked countless times by admiring and curious residents as they pass. More than likely a friendly conversation will ensue and just that alone should bring a smile to one’s face. 

Some Before Photos

After Photos