2018 Bow Sales

Bows will be on sale by the fountain next to the Village Pharmacy from 10 am to 4 pm on the following dates:

Friday November 16

Monday November 19

Monday November 26

Friday November 30

Monday December 3

Wednesday December 5

Friday December 7

Monday December 10

Proceeds from the sale benefit many local environmental projects so please purchase extra ones for friends, golf carts,  mailboxes, porch railings and staircases!

Learn how to create a Holiday Mailbox Swag

with a Garden Club Bow and greenery from your yard

by Dottie Kirkland

1. Assemble the materials:

Base: wire mailbox frame or “saddle” (available at craft stores or online at https://www.etsy.com/shop/keuthercrafts

Evergreen branches: such as pine, cedar, magnolia, holly and small palm fronds.

Wire: green paper- wrapped wire ties for smaller branches and 24-gauge wire for larger branches, green florist tape.

Tools: pruning shears, wire cutter.

Décor: Large outdoor bow and other ornaments as desired.

2. Assemble the base:

Dottie begins by wiring longer flexible branches to the middle of the wire frame. She also secures them to the frame sides with wire ties. She recommends using an evergreen such as pine or cedar that will drape, for the base. Trim branches to the desired length before wiring. (You may want to measure the sides of your mailbox.)

3. Build up layers for fullness:

Dottie continues wiring in evergreens with different leaf sizes and colors to add texture. You could continue using the same greenery as the base. These branches are shorter than the base branches.

4. Add largest leaves on top:

To give the swag height and to cover the middle of the frame, Dottie wires in large-leaved greenery, such as magnolia at the swag top. She suggests making the swag highest in the back where it will rest against the mailbox post.

5. Attach the bow:

Wire the bow to the front side of the swag top. The bow hides the top of the frame and wiring.

6. Attach the swag to your mailbox:

Dottie hooks a black rubber bungee cord into one end of the swag frame pulls it under the mailbox cross brace and tube, hooking it into the other side of the frame. (A 41” cord is needed for large mailboxes, 36” for small mailboxes). Once the swag is secure, she fluffs the greenery and adds palm fronds to give it additional height on top. You can also wire in outdoor ornaments or pinecones.

 Bow Fundraiser Pictures