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The Pollinator Berm at Sparrow Field is looking like a garden now thanks to the efforts of the volunteer team, many of whom are members of the Landings Garden Club. We have 95+ species of plants to attract nearly 200 documented species of pollinators. The plant and pollinator lists are available on the Skidaway Audubon website . Find the lists in the submenu to the right on the page. Over the past few months the volunteer team has doubled from the previous years, making the work load easier and definitely more fun! Knowing that some of these wonderful gardeners fly North for the summer, we encourage anyone staying on the island to drop by on Friday mornings, or any other time, to pull a few weeds and to enjoy the blooms, butterflies, birds and bees.

Our loyal team includes Pat Barry, Shirley Brown, Karen Burroughs, Hannah Burtnik, Fitz Clarke, Dawn Cordo and Vince Cordo (the amazing carpenter), Angela Devore, Linda Elliott, Diane Gustafson, Sue Hamlet, Sandy Hunter, Dottie Kirkland, Peggy Miller, Al Mullins (Champion butterfly netter), Jayne Rogers, Michael Robertson, and Elaine Witbeck. 

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 The Sparrow Field Project

Many thanks to Fitz Clarke for all the Sparrow Field photos

The Sparrow Field encompasses a unique three acre area within The Landings community.  Located off of Bartram Road, it is a gathering spot for many species of birds not generally found in other places on Skidaway Island.  In 2004, a new species of bird was found there, which led to efforts by the community to preserve this habitat. 

The project has been an extraordinary undertaking combining the efforts of many individuals and organizations including The Landings Club, Skidaway Audubon, the The Landings Club Golf Club Maintenance Team, The Landings Garden Club and The Landings Association.

Projects Within the Project

 2016 Field Trip to the Field! 

Photos by Jayne Rogers


















 2016 Spring Planting

There’s a lot of spring planting and transplanting of going on at the Sparrow Field these days. Thanks in part to the $300.00 grant received from our Landings Garden Club we are planting beds along the berm with native and exotic perennials and colorful annual plants. We are also having a compost bin built and landscape timber edging installed. We thank the Charitable Giving Committee for this grant! It is being put to good use. 


Four year old George Heidacher, grandson of our photographer, Fitz Clarke, enjoys the Sparrow Field.  George and his grandfather planted gourd seeds grown from vines located in the weedy area at the far end of the Sparrow Field.  Some of the gourds have been dried, cut with entrance holes and hung for nesting birds.

George is taking quite an interest in the "Milkweed Bug" (pictured on the right) which is found on its host-plant, Milkweed.  The species is "Asclepias curassavica."

 Landings Garden Club Member Transplants

The Trailing Purple Lantana was transplanted from Linda Sue Babcock's yard.

The yellow Lantana was transplanted from the Village Library by Garden Club members.

The Milkweed (Asclepias curasvica) was transplanted from the yards of Sandra Wolf and Fitz Clarke.

A goal is to establish native Milkweed that will survive in the habitat.


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Photographs by Fitz Clarke